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NFT Collection .

Digital Democratic Laboratory

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We want to create an NFT Collection that acts as a laboratory for digital democracy, offering a platform where everyone can express themselves, actively participate in collective decisions and exercise voting power.

Each NFT gives its holder a share in a "virtual cooperative"., a voice that can be used to influence orientations and choices within our association. Each token holder has the power to influence the organization's strategic orientations, proposals and actions. This creates a unique participatory dynamic, where every opinion counts and governance is truly democratized.

In addition to voting on existing proposals, each "virtual cooperator" can also submit his or her own ideas and proposals to the community. These proposals are then debated and evaluated, and put to a community vote.

DAO, the 3.0 cooperative?

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizationsare fundamentally rethinking the traditional structure of companies and legal entities. Thanks to blockchain technology, the DAO eliminate traditional hierarchical structures in favor of decentralized protocols. They are redefining the way we collaborate, make decisions and create together.
Each member, token or NFT holder, has the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making, without geographical barriers or time limits. The tokens or NFTs of these decentralized organizations are not just digital assets, but also symbols of voice and commitment. symbols of voice and commitment.

Our goal

We want to encourage creativity and collaboration by enabling our association's members to put forward ideas, projects and initiatives. These proposals are put to a community vote, enabling a collective selection of the best ideas to be implemented. This creates a fertile environment for innovation, where solutions emerge from a diversity of perspectives.

Our aim is to distribute NFTs from the association in a fun and free way, to encourage Belgian citizens to experiment with one of the concrete applications of blockchain in a practical and fun way. Who knows, maybe a Belgian DAO will be born?

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What if we told you we had an NFT waffle collection ready to go?

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